A properly working brake system is the most important system on your vehicle. We provide full service for brake repair and maintenance on your vehicle’s break system, break pads or hydraulic ABS system.

A break inspection is a very serious matter. We will thoroughly inspect the complete system, even the condition of brake fluid is tested.

Break Pads

Often a break repair will require replacing break pads. Our promise is to never use sub standard built-for-price break pads.

ABS System

Your brake system needs to be serviced if your ABS light is on. We have the necessary diagnostic tools to find and fix your vehicles problem.

Break Rotors and Drums

Resurfacing of brake rotors or drums is part of our service. Not doing so would cause the rotors to become warped prior to having to replace the next set of break pads. If a rotor or drum needs to be replaced, we only use first rate quality replacements.